Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Sew Caring Fundraiser

Here is another way you can help with Hurricane relief
I love this quilt!  And have bought the pattern!  

Laundry Basket Quilts is proud to announce our Sew Caring Fundraiser.  From now until October 15th we pledge that every “Made in USA” pattern that we sell $5.00 of our proceeds will go towards helping with the recovery from this devastating storm.  The price of the pattern is $6.   If you want to make just one block, send it before October 1st and it will be combined into a quilt.  
 Thank you for helping us make a difference.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Sewing For Kids

With many losing all their possessions, I feel I can do this--sew!
Sew like crazy!  I found several fabrics that were already precut--

I had these 5" squares from a previous friendship quilt
also found some half square triangles--what luck!
Later I'll add more 'orphan' blocks around the outside

These western theme fabrics were fun to use in a previous
top, but for kids, I know they'll enjoy all the cows and other
items to be found

This was also 'orphan' blocks--but once I took this photo
I noticed that I need to take off the bottom hour glass
and sew it to the top

I'll add larger borders to make this a nice size quilt for
an older child

This was more of the orphan 5" squares that I
sew into 9 patch and then did a disappearing nine
patch top--but I cut each nine patch into fourths

and reassembled into blocks--again, I'll add
a border.
I had plenty of the construction truck fabric
I like using bright yellow and blue colors to perk up the top
at first thought, I'd just add two borders, but
after taking photo, I didn't like the look

I added the other two borders and will make the
binding in blue

When you have lots of kid prints, what do you do?
Cut them into 5" squares and make this top--
ran out of the one fabric on the last row so
placed a yellow--don't like it!!  Will search
the stash to see if there is another fabric that
will blend in

Such fun fabrics!

I'm sewing, sewing, sewing--
now, to quilt.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Attention!! Quilters! Pay It Forward!!

Imagine if ALL your stash were lost, your UFOs, your quilts....not life threatening of course, but devastating to a quilter nonetheless.  nobody is going to check up on you or make you report back, this is entirely voluntary and for you to act as your heart prompts.  many of us, even with personal daily struggles and challenges, are blessed beyond measure...i know i am...even just recently with that astounding gift of aurifil thread.  happy to pay it forward....


The storage unit with about 40 full sized disaster quilts, 80+ Nursing home quilts, 60+ Linus Quilts, Christmas Stockings, a new roll of batting, about 40 Preemie quilts, and untold yards of fabric, cutting boards, shelving,, and so on were lost due to flooding from Hurricane Harvey. 
One of my best friends (Nita Beard - chairman of West Houston Quilt Guild (WHQG)
 Comfort Quilts is just devastated. They had over 4 feet of water in the storage unit where we store this stuff... The Storage place said it is a total loss as it has been underwater for over a week, and is too toxic to even come and look at, and is still underwater (at least 2 feet) as long as the Addicks reservoir is still releasing water.

Of course all Nita's Bee members have donated a bunch of fabric. but, this was a storage unit 10 x 20 foot FULL of fabric. 

Last week, I asked for jelly rolls for Tri-County Quilt guild. They had OVERWHELMING success. Standing room only, making jelly roll quilts.

This is for West Houston Quilters Guild. Our meeting location (Bear Creek and in the the middle of the Addicks Reservoir) is under several feet of water. Closed until further notice. The storage unit is in the midst of this.

The Comfort Quilters will begin again. We are starting from scratch. Nita had about 40 kits in her car,, and that is what we have to start with.

We have some Hobbs UPC codes to try to get some batting again.

****We could use:
--Hobbs UPC codes - ANY Hobbs product.
--Yardage to get us started again.
--Quilt tops
--Finished quilts

Just devastated at what we lost, to help others.... Very discouraged. Nita with her positive attitude says that all will be well, and that God will take care.

***Any donations can be sent to me or I can give you Nita's address.

Betty Baker 
Attn: WHQG Disaster
17412 Bobcat Trail
Cypress TX 77429

We will start over..

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Healing Hands = Healing Hearts

As a quilter, I want to make quilts for those in need. and this is a perfect
opportunity to assist.  This will keep my hands busy and know that
I'm doing a small part in the healing process for many.

Fat Quarter Shop is offering this lovely quilt pattern to aid in the
disaster that is Harvey.  This PDF pattern retails for $9, and every cent will go to the JJ Watt Foundation Houston Flood Relief Fund.  It will be available until October 31.  Fat Quarter Shop will also be auctioning off a quilt sample made from this pattern starting on Tuesday (today), and those proceeds will go to the Rebuild Texas Fund.
You can purchase the Healing Hearts for Harvey PDF here.  

Monday, September 11, 2017

In The Midst of Chaos.........................

In the midst of Hurricane Harvey and Irma,  I've tried to keep my hands and
mind occupied with various things.  And today I don't even want to think about the date........
September 11--2001.  Memories roll back into your mind--and we shall never forget!

I found this in my stash pile--a magazine with fabric--yes,
I know where I bought it--Paducah, KY--the one time I went to
the quilt show there!  absolutely, a fun time!  and I bought so many fabrics
at such great prices!  This is certainly aged--from 2008! 

This bundle was a special price so I picked it up--thinking, I'm not really found
of poinsettias but maybe someone would like it.

So here is the book with pattern and all the fabric to go with it--
I'm set.  Open book, find pattern, read and begin

Looking at the photo, I thought maybe all those lovely 12 blocks
with poinsettias were appliqued--by hand--but once I finally
read the notes--nope, it's machine applique--whew! relief!
Then, it's trace all the patterns onto fusible, cut and press 

I usually cut out the big areas in order to have a less stiff
application--these little cut outs got somewhat 'squirrely' 
when I was trying to lay them out to press--
but, all 24 were accomplished--thats' 12 in red and 12 in pink.

There is more cutting--I can do that when I'm listening to a book or
watching a sappy movie--look rather elegant once laid out.
Now, just press on background fabric and begin hem stitching--
soon we'll have a completed quilt!

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Aprons--Ties That Bind!

Aprons is the topic for today--why?  Because there is an apron challenge
at Pat Sloan's website in conjunction with the Grandma's Kitchen 
Sew Along.  Last week the block was Grandma's apron--mine is above--

Now, here is the question--do you wear an apron?  Did your Grandma
wear an apron?  Anyone in your family wear an apron?

Several months ago, I wrote about an art apron exhibit that was presented at
International Quilt Festival in Houston--It was called Cyber Fiber-art Aprons.
Here is that blog post, if you're interested.

anyway, back to aprons topic.
This popped up in the Pat Sloan group--aprons a way of life--

I have this pattern in my collection--don't think I ever made the apron though!

And the dainty apron that looks high fashion--
oh, to wear an apron and look this good while cooking!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

I Should Be Knitting........................But

Yeah, I should be knitting--fall is just around the corner and then comes those cold breezy days of winter---BRRR!  I'll need a shawl, a sweater, some gloves, a hat, a scarf--.......But, I'm sitting here typing on this blog!  Go figure!  I can rationalize that my fingers are doing something useful--instead of washing dishes, folding clothes from the laundry, ironing those few shirts that need touching up--no, I'm just sitting here, pondering what the day will bring........oh, hmm!  There is dinner to think about--no, not now--or maybe, think about that long list of errands that need to be done--nope, not now!  I'm just sitting here!

Do I need a pick me upper?  Some new vitamins to pep me up?  Maybe, a cup of coffee--nope, that won't work, I'm caffeine free--I'm just sitting here......................................where has my motivation gone?  I should be knitting.......................................................................................but, I just can not decide which pattern to begin first.........................

This lovely easy diagonal float stitch pattern. Only knitted and slipped stitches makes smooth curves. Kaarre hat by Maria Kostamovaara

Multnomah pattern by Kate Ray,  garter stitch body and a lovely feather and fan edge

 By Jenny F--three color cowl

Bowerbird by Cath Ward
This crescent shawl knits up quickly in a delicious 4ply heavy silk lace yarn and includes a feather motif in its border. It is knitted from the centre top down to the border in one continuous piece. The elements of the shawl are a succession of 8 stitch repeats, which flow from the top to the border of the shawl.

I could go on and on--
there is a pattern for socks and fingerless gloves...........

I just don't know where to begin, so
I'm just sitting here!