Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Okay, I did It!

Okay, I finally got around to winding that warp for dish towels that we are
weaving for an exchange.  Maybe one or two of these towels will go to a
flood victim--

8/2 cotton cones of various colors from my stash

I did have a small amount of a green so wound that till it
ran out--it will make a small pop along with the turquoise

6 yards on the board--some of this will be lost to heading
and ending, but I do have an old warp on that I can tie onto to
save some of the warp.

Pulled through the reed dents--20epi=20 ends to the inch--
I think this will make a thirsty towel.  I like the colors
and now to decide how to thread for pattern.  I'm leaning
to Bird's eye twill--I want a recipe that will allow me to 
change up the weaving pattern.  Upon further investigation,
This pattern does not allow for plain weave--now, I'm going with Rosepath-
Now, I'm close to being warped--but, small hitch in the plan
to thread the heddles--my right wrist went painful--think it's the
winding motion of the warping--back and forth.  I am old, as my
son said to me when I said my wrist was aching!
thanks son!  I love you too!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Well, I'll Be...........................

I finally finished two caps!  Let's all stand up and cheer!  Knitting is back on the agenda--
This was fun knit, although I don't really like to do design work--
The yarns get all tangled and you need to stop often to let
them untwist.  On the other hand, I like that I can use
up my stash yarn.

Yelp, finished--except--for all the yarn ends that have 
to be darned in--that could take another day or two

I enjoyed knitting this cap--no extra yarns to worry about
just knit and purl--this was one of the designs from
Year of Techniques

The hat still needs buttons on the flaps--and don't tell anyone,
but I did not follow directions--shame on me; I didn't do the flaps
the way the designer designed--but it did get down my way!
and with buttons!  Who needs a warm wooly hat?

Friday, October 13, 2017

Holy Moley! It's Friday, the 13th!

It’s Friday the 13th, a day of bad luck, if you’re a superstitious person. It may have originated from the story of Jesus’ last supper and crucifixion, when there were 13 individuals present the night before His death on Good Friday.

Here are 13 common superstitions:

1. Black cats

You’re doomed to bad luck if a black cat crosses your path.

2. Mirrors

If you break a mirror, kiss 7 years of luck goodbye.

3. Ladders

They say walking under a ladder is bad luck. I say walking under a ladder is a bad decision. Nothing good can come of it.

4. Salt

If you spill salt, you’re suppose to throw it over your shoulder to avoid getting bad luck--but which shoulder?

4. Purses

You should never leave your purse on the floor if you want to avoid bad luck. If this is true, I’m doomed til I die.

5. 6.66

If a bill total $6.66 or you receive that much change you should either buy something else or leave a penny from your change to avoid bad luck

6. Umbrellas

Opening an umbrella indoors is said to bring bad luck. 

7. Cutting Your Hair

If you cut your hair on Friday the 13th, legend says someone in your family will die.

8. Funerals

If a funeral procession passes you on Friday the 13th, you will be the next to die.

9. Babies

A child born on Friday the 13th is said to be unlucky for life.

10. Floor 13

Many hotels and hospitals have eliminated floor 13 in their elevators to eliminate bad luck. But if you’re staying on floor 14, isn’t it really 13?

11. Cemeteries

To avoid bad luck when passing a cemetery, you’re suppose to hold your breath until you see a black or brown dog. What if there isn’t one around? You may have to hold your breath until you’re the next one to move into the cemetery.

12. Getting Out of Bed

To avoid bad luck, you’re suppose to get out of the same side of the bed you got into

13. Number 13

Many believe the number 13 is bad luck. Taylor Swift disagrees and says it’s her lucky number. Not only was she born on the 13th, she turned 13 on the 13th, her first album went gold in 13 weeks.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Getting Warped!!

It's about time!  I'm getting warped!  The loom has been sitting empty for some time now and it looks lonely--well, if you could see it for all the 'stuff' piled on top!  It's calling to me--although in a muted voice.................I pulled out all my 8/2 cotton cones; assortment of colors--we are going to set this day off right.................................................clean off the loom and begin.  But, FIRST.............
I need to wrap all the new fabrics I bought from 5 Bucks A Yard--
you see, they were having a sale!  A big sale and I could not resist--
They had to cancel a couple of quilt shows due to Harvey 
-some of their fabrics were
$3.99 a yard!  

I use comic book wrappers to encase my fabric yardage--takes only
a few minutes to wrap and store

I'm trying to get colors coordinated and lined up correctly..
let's see--those blues go up with those other blues--wait there are
more fabrics to wrap..........
what was it I was going to do?  Oh, yes, warp the loom--well,

Well, guess that's enough procrastinating--back to the task at hand and
those 8 cones of 8/2 cotton waiting to be wound on the warping board. 
you see, I hate warping the loom.....................

Monday, October 9, 2017

I Love October!

 I love October!  I love the colors of this month!  It means Fall is here! Weather is cooler!

Not only is October my birthday month--TODAY!

But October has apple picking, pumpkin carving, cider drinking--
and Halloween!  A spooky time of the year that allows us to dress in our crazy costumes. 

A time to decorate with all our fall gala!

"Orange is associated with meanings of joy, warmth, heat, sunshine, enthusiasm, creativity, success, encouragement, change, determination, health, stimulation, happiness, fun, enjoyment, balance, sexuality, freedom, expression, and fascination. Orange is the color of joy and creativity."

I love making pumpkin and maple leaf quilts--using all the
oranges in my stash!

October is the time for colorful leaves--

Lumpy bumpy pumpkins!  Oh, how I love October! 

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Knitting For The Great War--1919

Women have always been on the fore front of any conflict!  They might not be in the physical trenches, but they are there in time of need.  During these past few weeks I've been thinking about women who are helping anyway they can--like I did with my quilt tops for kids.  I've spoken to many women who came up with a game plan to aid and assist and it carried it out.
It takes us back to the very first war--women on the home front wondered what they
could do for their soldiers--knitting was essential.  Needles, threads and hands quick
to act were effective in the time of need!

Loved this poster from 1919-- and then the poem that follows
gives you an insight into the mind of women on the homefront.

"Portrait of a Mother by Violet Gillespie

Knit two and purl one;
Stir the fire and knit again.
And oh, my son, my only son,
I think of you in wind and rain,
In rain and wind, 'neath fire and shell,
Going along the road to hell
On earth in wind and rain.
My little son, my only son . . .
Knit two and purl one ;
Stir the fire and knit again.
Knit two and purl one ;
Knit again and stir the fire.
And oh, my son, my only son,
I work for you and never tire ;
I never tire, but work and pray
Every hour of night and day.
Awake, asleep, I never tire,
My little son, my only son . . .
Knit two and purl one ;
Knit again and stir the fire.

Knit two and purl one;
Stir the fire and knit again.
And oh, my son, for another’s son
My hands are working. The wind and rain
Are shrill without.  But you are gone
To a quiet land.  I shall come anon
And find you, out of this wind and rain;
But I’m working now for another’s son,
Knit two and purl one;
Stir the fire and knit again. "

check out this blog--so interesting with poems that stir the heart and mind!

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Modern Knitting VS Early 1843

Gutenberg  is offering "My Knitting Book" by Miss Lambert
dated 1834--yes!  earliest known publication of knitting patterns

Thread Forward is working her way through this early knitting book.
She is putting a modern day spin on these knitting patterns.

Here is the modern chart for the following pattern--
Gothic and below is the way it is written in Miss Lambert's book.
We are so fortunate to have charts to read through quickly--
of course, there are times, I want the written out version too!

Cast on any number of stitches that can be divided by ten.—Knit four plain rows.
Fifth row—knit one; bring the thread forward, knit three;(a) slip one; knit two together, pass the slipped stitch over them; knit three; bring the thread forward, knit one; bring the thread forward, knit three.—Repeat from (a).
Sixth row—pearl knitting.
[44]Repeat the fifth and sixth rows three times, and commence again with the four plain rows.