Wednesday, February 22, 2017

12 Months of Techniques?

Okay--I need to stay off the internet!  Should do no more searching,
browsing, reading, cruising, exploring, adventuring............... 
Why?  I get into so much trouble--take a look at this......................
I stumbled upon a bag of techniques--Oh, golly, gee whiz, when can
I open it?  March 1st is what I've been told...
that's a while away--can I keep my patience steady and under wraps--
of course NOT!

Look at all these cool designers you too can enjoy!
Okay, so I'm an enabler, but I enjoy having company on
this exploration of knitting a year of different techniques--
and some of my favorite designers are adding to the pot of
knowledge; then there are others who just could be added
to my list of favorites!
With credit card in hand, I ordered that bag of techniques...
Hope it arrives soon--because, my curiosity is worse than a cat's! 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Bleeding Fabrics

Yesterday morning I was browsing through my Facebook page--sometimes good information crops up
Well, THIS was quite worth the read--

Someone posted they had hand quilted (!) a charity quilt that
was to be donated and horrors of horrors--when washing the quilt,
even with fabric catchers and other precautions, some of the
fabrics bled!  I can't imagine what I would have done in this
situation.  Of course, you post about this tragic and you receive lots of
helpful information.  This was the best information anyone would like
to receive--

Here's a sample of what products will do to reduce that
fabric fading and bleeding--
Good information for anyone who works with fabric!
or anyone who wears colored clothing!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Save The Date..................

The West Houston Quilt Guild is hosting their biennial
Quilt Show March 3-4, 2017!  They put on a great show and
exhibit. Featured Artist, Paula Barnes, of Red Crinoline Quilts

Take a look at this fabulous donation quilt!  It could be yours just
for a small donation--I'm going to take my chance!
There will be vendors and over 200 quilts.
Silent Auction Basket and Quilt Bonanza Guild Boutique Quilt Appraisals 

Admission is $10 per adult--free parking
Y'all Come!

The West Houston Quilter’s Guild is a 501(C)(3) non–profit organization founded in 1993 with the purpose of developing and nurturing appreciation for the art of quilting and its history. Simply put, we are a group of people who love quilts!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Progress on WIP...........

I know this isn't the best photo of my knitting progress--month two in
Estonian Scarf designed by Elizabeth Ravenwood (love her designs!)
And A Big Comfy Doghouse Ravelry group

Since this is fine handspun wool, and I'm adding beads 
(well, should be doing nupps!  but me and nupps
don't get along very well!) 

Here is the handspun yarn in all it's glory--I really like how
it is striping--still have more to spin, but so far knitting is a breeze, except

I wanted to use lace needles and I love, absolutely love
Hiya HiYa needles--interchangeable on cables--
and I treated myself!!

Why lace needles you ask?  Well, these needles have sharp points to make
it easier to pick up stitches, do SSK or K2tog--love them!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

I Find This Fascinating!

I'm not a computer geek by any means--but I do knit, and this presentation is fascinating to me!

Right on!!  Granny was a Hacker!!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Gifts! From A Friend!

Yes, it's few days late, but I did receive them before February 14th and it doesn't
really matter to me when I receive a gift..............

These are super cool!  Here is the recipe to make these great cozies for
your  wine glass.  Not only are they great to keep your wine glass cozy,

It's also great to remember which glass is yours--if you sit it down at
a party!

Another gift from friend Judy M were these adorable pillow covers!
she loved the fabric for herself but she thought of me
and my love of sheep and gave from her heart..........

how super dear these are to me!
Thanks so much Judy M!

Would like to find this fabric and gift it to her at a later date--
looking hard............
Always, fun to receive gifts.....
but I also like to gift............
may your heart be filled with lots of gifting and receiving!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Traveling Mississippi Gulf Coast

On our recent journey to Florida for our spinning conference, we stopped into the 
Mississippi Visitors Center, along Interstate 10.  I don't think we have ever
stopped here in the past 10 years--

Most people just hurry inside to use the facilities, but I walk around to see what
is on the grounds as every rest stop is different.  This one had lovely birds
perched in the tree tops

These birds were hand carved with chain saws and upon
further investigation, I learned the story behind these marvelous

After Hurricane Katrina, which was so disastrous to the Gulf Coast,
many of the lovely oaks and other hard wood trees stood bare
and naked to the sky.
Thank goodness, there are some who know what it feels like to be
striped of all dignity as many folks who lost their homes, these
trees stood as a reminder of the days that passed.

In true fashion, people rally behind those less fortunate and assist them to
rebuild their lives--such was the case of Marlin and Preston Miller--a father
and son team who took upon themselves the task of giving hope to those
who languished in this horrible storm. 
I was humbled to see these structures and reflected on that time in history.