Friday, September 30, 2016

"Neighbors": Quilt And Other Art Forms

We were recently in Central Texas, Kerrville to be exact--when in town we like to stop in the Cultural Arts Center.  They always host interesting and informative exhibits.
This exhibit was "Neighbors", Quilts and other art forms:
Interesting progression of small quilts inspired by photographs
The quilter took their photo of historical house in their neighbor
and did their interpretation of that house in fabric

I loved this creative outlet to feature the city's historic element.

Each display had a statement about the history of the home

Some were whimsical, like this one-- for all they could see
was the swan flower pot on the porch

This quilt feature the mimosa tree in the front yard

Different techniques were used in each small art piece

Such a fun exhibit to walk through

Not only did I enjoy the quilting aspect, but I learned
about the history of the homes

If you have a chance, stop in the center and walk through history

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Knitting For Cooler Weather---Fingerless Gloves (FLG!)

I love having fingerless mitts--they are so handy for many purposes.
These are quite lovely too!

These are designed by William Nelson
I have the yarn and needles!
Ready, set, knit!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Kid 'N Ewe--

I kid ewe not!  It's time to think about registering your classes--time is fast approaching to November 11-13!  Yes, I know you think it's a long time off, but prepare your fall calendar now!

The 28th Annual Festival
November 11-12-13, 2016

Kid ‘N Ewe is Texas’s premier fiber arts festival for spinners, weavers, knitters, crocheters, felters, and anyone else who enjoys the wide variety of fiber arts.

Come shop for tools and supplies in our three vendor halls totaling over 30,000 square feet of nationally-known vendors who provide a wide variety of artisan made goods.

Try something new, or hone your skills, by taking one or more of our 50+ workshops taught by talented artists from Texas and surrounding states.

Visit the animals up close and personal in the animal barn and be on hand for demonstrations and sales.

Kid ‘N Ewe has something for everyone! Come join us!

Sponsored By

Fiber Producers Of Texas, Inc.

South Central Llama Association

Independence Fiber Mill

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Brown, White And Green---Cotton, That Is

I have so many pounds of natural colored cotton in my fiber stash--I have been spinning off and on this fluffy stuff for years--I think this stuff multiplies in the night!  I love the feel of this natural fiber.
I decided to weave some hand towels from my handspun cotton--so on the loom 6 yards went after I finished my towels.  I'm lazy--I just tied on the warp and pulled through.
It took some time before I could wind the warp as I have to ply my cottons.
I have some dyed cottons for another warp, but think I'll prepare
those well in advance to warping! 

Singles are not a good idea for warp!!
In this photo you can see where I tied on to the previous warp

And we are being carefully to pull through the lease sticks slowly to keep the
threads in order.  I ran two threads at a time on the warping board--don't know if
that's the best thing to do but it saves time.
We are well on our way to some handspun woven towels!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Stitching Halloween!

Amy of Random Acts of Amy has designed this cute Halloween sampler
for your stitching pleasure.  Check out the neat PDF she has for you.

Also, check out her backside of the hoop area--here she interviews
fellow embroidery artist, like herself.
This is a fun page to surf through
and the stitching is a bonus!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Spindles--Oh, Yeah!

Are you as crazy about spindles as I am?!  I love my spindles!  They come in various sizes and shapes; weigh little and spin wonderfully!  Easy to travel with and easy to store, and sometimes, easy to make!  Need more information on spindles, then check this out Ask The Bellwether

I have several of these 'wheel' spindles--these can be made to give as door prizes or
gifts.  In fact, the price is small too!  It takes only a toy wooden wheel, a cup hook and
a short piece of dowel rod (over time, I have come to favor 6" length on the dowel)

Some of the spindles are painted, some left plain--I also have couple clay spindles. 
I've even made spindles from old CD's, using a grommet to secure on dowel--it came be a
top or bottom whorl

In this photo you can see the rubber grommet on the dowel--I've also been known to
use a door knob for spindle top.  But, on the other hand, I've purchased some
expensive spindles by fine wood makers

These are my storage containers for my fine expensive spindles--
saves many a broken spindle

And here is what is inside--

This is my most expensive spindle--Golding--the weight is just perfect for spinning silk!
Oh, yes, you can never have too many spindles!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Knitting For Cooler Weather--HAT!

I'm hoping, just hoping, by writing this blog about cooler weather--it will arrive---soon!  So, I'm preparing my fall (cool weather) wardrobe by knitting some cooler weather items.  First up, A HAT!

But, WAIT! Which HAT should I knit?

Picacho Peak

Oh, so cute!  and I have the right yarn too! Picacho Peak is a lightweight, all-over lace hat. It is great for those cool mornings or evenings when you want just a little something to break the chill.
Or should I knit Sea Folk by Jennifer Lysen

The Sea Folk hat is a modern take on the fisherman style. Featuring an asymmetrical twisted rib brim and a three needle bind off on top, this slouchy cap is suitable for both men and women and will keep you warm on blustery, salty days. It requires just one skein of Worsted yarn and knits up quickly 

Okay, I'll knit both of them!