Monday, August 21, 2017

So Over It---Solar Eclipse!

Yesterday's blog post was about the solar eclipse--I'm so over it now!  We didn't see it--didn't even go outside to look--Our school principal daughter bought those special glasses for all her students--they had a teaching moment with all 500 students--everywhere you can view photos of the eclipse.
I feel for those who drove many miles to be in the path of totality and then it RAINED!  Rained big time on their parade--so, what are they doing now--looking at photos on TV, Facebook, etc. just as we are!

the path for 2017 took it across the mid section of the US--but, just wait,
in 2024--we'll have it in our region!  
and I've asked the daughter to save all those 500 special glasses for
us to use...............
Monday, April 8, 2024

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Marled Yarns = Project

Have you ever knit on a piece and decided halfway through, you didn't like it--maybe, it's the pattern, yarn, or needle size.  Well, it seems to happen to me more often than not--I'm more than half way through this year long project and I don't like it!!  Just plain and simple!  I don't like the way it's turning out

now, I have that I've spun this marled yarn and I'm thinking this might work just fine for that January 2018 deadline plus I'll finish my year long texture project--kill two birds with one stone!  There is one of those weird sayings again!  Anyway, today it means I'm getting two projects done at the same time.............

This is textural pattern from Elizabeth Ravenwood
Ravelry, of course!

Okay, I'm liking this pattern now--looks more manly
to me and it needs some softening effect

I'm thinking I'll need to add some color along the way
or maybe, I'll just dye it when completed--
four more months to go before any
decision is made though

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Marled Yarns

The challenge is to spin this fiber into yarn--and present
a completed project in January 2018 at our annual spin-in

I'm looking at this fiber thinking--I don't want to spin each roving
separately--I'm going for that marled yarn look

Spin a little white, spin a little black, spin a little tan--no
rhyme or reason to the pattern

Then ply--here is the look on the bobbin

and in a ball--Now, let me tell you--I have been spinning this
'marled' yarn for years!  Every since I was spindle spinning silk and
had all these little balls of spun silk--how do you use them individually?
you take 2 or 3 or 4 and ply them together and get
Marled yarn!!  

Marled yarns are formed by twisting together plies of different colors. The result is a single strand of yarn with multiple colors winding around one another.Marled yarns can be made from any number of plies—two, three, four, etc.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Oh My! Flower Pots!

Esther Aliu is offering the most gorgeous flower display of all times!
This begins today--15th of each month, through November, a
different section will be revealed!
and it's FREE!  No strings attached!
just download and create to your heart's content!
This wall hanging will finish at 38"x48".

Sunday, August 13, 2017

"Images" "Trees"

The current exhibits at Kerrville Arts and Cultural Center are diverse--there are three in the gallery now, through August 27.  One is presented by Dinah Bowman with artwork inspired by geological formations--
sorry, I didn't take any photos of this exhibit

One of the other exhibits is "Trees:  Artistic View" by
Hardy Lewis

The Quilted Tree

Painting of Tree Trunk

Steel Tree #1

Weeping Willow Tree

Panel of six trees



The Hanging Tree

Close-up of Hanging Tree
Trees, in my opinion, have always been nature's art form--
elegant, mostly stable, winging towards the sky with
upward swinging branches

The juried show by Kathleen Cook
There were many interesting pieces in this exhibit--paintings,
mixed media, etc.  but being a fiber person, I looked for
those presented in that medium.
Above is stitching work by Kim Paxson:  
"Mary Oliver's Question"

This piece won blue ribbon in the category 

"On Butterfly Wings" by Kathie Carlson

Weaving of textures--and here is the butterfly

"Texas Toast" by Ginger Collins

Stitchery along with painting

"Waiting" by Ginger Collins

Painting on fiber with stitchery

This colorful wall displayed winners with their ribbons.
Excellent representation from Kerrville Arts and Cultural members!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Summer Solar Eclipse QAL

How exciting to have this quilt along to coincide with the
upcoming eclipse!  This isn't a mystery--the reveal is here
and step by step instructions will be given
All the blocks are Ohio Stars!  I love Ohio Stars!
well, I like anything that is a star in a quilt!
There will be lots of Flying Geese...............
here is her video to show how to make four geese
from two squares of fabric.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

What's for dinner.

What's for dinner?  Always a dilemma--sometimes I like to cook, but in these hot days of summer, I just want to lounge, drink a glass of ice tea (unsweetened, please) and wait to see if the dinner fairies show up--never have, never will!

On this particular day I pulled some shrimp from the freezer and thought about what to prepare-- the first day, hubby said let's go for a burger--who am I to say, but honey, I need to cook those shrimp.  So, I put the still frozen shrimp in the refrigerator to thaw--they'll be good tomorrow.
Tomorrow comes, and we had a late breakfast and mid day meal--no shrimp there either.  Finally, the third day, I KNEW I had to fix those shrimp.  Besides, they were completely thawed--what to make?

We really like Paula Dean's Fiery Cajun shrimp, which takes butter and Texas Pete hot sauce--good ole Texas Pete was nowhere to be found in the pantry.  Alexa--add to list--Texas Pete.

Another shrimp dish that is easy peazy is just to boil them--or sauté with butter and garlic,but I wanted something different-- how about shrimp and grits?  Never made that before and I'm in a cooking mode.  Gather ingredients, which I do have on hand!  Here is the recipe from Bobby Flay

Yum, Yum!  
Now, I'm back in my mode of not cooking again for awhile!

Dished up and served and 15 minutes later--all gone!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Another Free BOM

Here is another chance to sew through the long month of August.
Jacquelynne  has a special I Love Home sew along for you.
Head over to her blog and sign up to receive the information.

I didn't see a start date, just know it's in August.  And it looks like
fun.  She has some fabric suggestions on her blog along with a coloring
page--love that idea!  You can plan ahead or let the youngsters do
the deed for you!  

Along with this one, I'm planning to join in Bee In My Bonnet's
August sewing event.
Each week there will be a tutorial--the instruction manual (yes, manual--24
pages of information!) is already on her website!
Gather those fabrics and let's play!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Chinese Quilts

And there it was!  The Chinese quilt banner hanging on the entryway to the
I walked in to find the most fascinating pieces of fiber arts all from
Southwest China!  We have visited China and saw first hand the lovely works
of art--I even bought a few small pieces, which I think have been
taken off larger pieces.  But, I never saw such a collection as this.

Take a walk through this vast array of quilts and
read some of the history

Here is a whole paper on this type of work, coming from
University of Nebraska, Lincoln, which has one of the nicest
quilt museums

Chinese patchwork, also known a Hundred-Families robe (Chinese: 百家衣, baijiayi), is made by sewing scraps of fabric together to form design art. This technique is still used in Chinese quilting. Silk or cotton is used to make the patchwork.

There is much symbolism in each of the quilts 

And colors burst forth in all blocks

Silk embroidery is used most often to decorate

This was a joyous journey through some of China's greatest works.