Sunday, May 21, 2017

Bucket List

Do you make lists?  I do!  There was always a notebook stuck to the refrigerator and a pencil was nearby--need something at the grocery, jot it on the list!  In today's world, I'm using an electronic reminder--Alexa or Echo!
It was a gift from #1 Son-- here is how I use it--when something is needed--I say, "Alexa, add to list".  She replies, "what shall I add?" I'll say "peanut butter".  She says "peanut butter has been added to your list!"  Isn't that the coolest thing in the world!  I know that other creatures like this are out there--what a way to make a list.

Another list, I'm making is a bucket list for the summer--do you do that?
Stitchfix has their own list of what they want to do this summer!
I could jot a few of those on my list too.

Daring to Live Fully has a HUGE list!!
It would take me longer than 3 months to accomplish 
even 1/4 of these things!

Iowa Girl Eats has a printable list for you to use--
it's much shorter list of fun things!

Seventeen for teens has a list too--so if you have a teenager, this one is for you!  I still
feel like a teen at times, so maybe some on this list is for ME!!

Hope you have fun coming up with your summer bucket list!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Working Thru B/W.........................

I pulled out another black and white quilt that I did several years ago.
In fact, this one is hand sewn--take a circle, applique it to whole
cloth and then cut into fours--re-assemble-- 
I like the addition of red!  at least, the eye doesn't get lazy!

Finished block #20 from Pat Sloan's Solstice challenge

Another finish block #18
I had this one all ready to sew--it needed more contrast
in the medium value--I was getting lost when assembling!
what to do but cut more fabrics..........

Friday, May 19, 2017

Black and White----Is it Getting Boring?

I made the decision to make this quilt black and white--with a few accents of color along the way...
now, that I'm getting to the end stage of the blocks, I'm tiring of black and white...................oh hum,
I think to myself.  I like color so why did I decide on black and white?!  It seemed like a good thought at the time, I guess........

I was behind--not unusual though!  I print off the patterns, then
when I have a chance I'll cut all the pieces for the patterns

Having the pieces all cut and ready for sewing
makes the block assembly faster--that is,
if I cut the right fabrics at the time I'm 

Here is block 18--somehow I missed block 19--
had 20 and 21--no problem; just go to
Pat Sloan's website and look up Solstice and all
the patterns are there! 

Thursday, May 18, 2017


I'm putting out a Lost notice right now!  
This pattern has gone AWOL--!
honestly, why can't I find this pattern??!!
I've looked high and low--in all my pattern boxes, storage
bins, file cabinet--just can't seem to place my hands on it.

I did have this pattern at one time as you can see from progress
on one of the blocks but somehow, and some way
it has gone underground!

So, that's why I'm putting out this notice--
maybe, just maybe, this darn pattern will show
its face--I really want to work on this!
Wonder what reward I could offer to get it to resurface?

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

I'm in Love.........................

I'm in love with wool work!  I like the feel of the fiber in my hand!  Wool doesn't ravel!  It dyes
beautifully as from prior post.

I'm trying to play catch up with this monthly mystery wool along!
It's month 5 already--and this one looks super cute!  
This is from Buttermilk Basin.  Part of me wishes I had ordered
the wool kits to go with the pattern but I had so much wool on hand--
...............why buy more when you have
a supply!

I think I'm set to continue!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Wool Banners--Count Your Blessings!

These have been the cutest wool blocks!  This is block 4 from
Here is another one of the blocks--you must join Facebook group
Wool Applique to get in on the fun.  The latest block is free for one month,
but you can purchase the other blocks from Sew Blessed

The Facebook group has hints and techniques for sewing with
wool plus giveaways!
It's a very informative and fun group.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Knitting Along

Knitting in progress................
Estonian knitting is super fun and I even enjoy placing the beads!

It's hard to see the beads on this handspun yarn--
only because it's stripes

This is May's pattern for one of the Estonian pieces that
I'm doing

Beads, beads and no nupps!

I'm knitting away on my Rhapsody shawl--thinking
this is way to easy--after about 10 rows, I read the pattern over again--
astounding! I've left out a couple of rows that call for decreases!!
Drats!!  Do I start over? or continue on--
soldier on, I say!! 

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Today We Celebrate Motherhood

Yes, today we celebrate Mother's--although, some might not be mothers themselves, we have all had mothers!  We have been born of a woman, whom we shall call Mother.    Here is video from History channel that you will might find interesting.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

The Natural Home

In our small vacation home town, we have an eatery that also
is a 'natural home' shop.  When we stop in for lunch, I will
browse through the displays.  Being a weaver, I'm fascinated by
the cloths that are accent pieces.

This is a linen piece that has creped--interesting texture

"The Natural Home" by  Hans Blomquist  is on display.
It features simple tastes for the home.

Linen rugs adorn the floors

Plain woven textiles are throws over chairs

Cotton towels--all simply woven 

There is some twill work in this linen length of cloth

And this added color in a monochromatic world 

Simple but elegant in its own way--plain wove with
handspun cotton

Add two lengths together with  baseball stitch in a different color

In my world of colors, this is an eye opener!  Could you decorate
with simple joys and pleasures or do you, like myself, need a little
color?  This shop has no color, except for a few accent stitches--
none the less, it's still fabulous as it features the simpler things in life.

Friday, May 12, 2017

fidget quilt

Lately, there has been much talk about the "Fidget' Spinners that kids
are collecting.  Some schools allow them to be in the classrooms in order
to hold the child's attention.  There are some good things to be said and
there are some bad things, but right now, the topic is "Fidgets"

Fidgets can be a very effective and helpful self-regulation tool! Use fidgets and sensory balls for calming and alerting, to promote focusing and concentration, decrease stress, increase tactile awareness of fingers/hands (through proprioceptive input), and as a way to keep fidgeting fingers busy! Fidget toys can also provide a fun way to strengthen hands and "warm-up" fingers before handwriting activities and fine motor skill tasks. Sensory balls are a favorite OT sensory diet tool, make a fun gift, and are one of many fidget toys that can help relieve stress! We also have silent fidgets for the classroom, quiet fidget toys, and fidgets for feet that can help improve concentration and focus, and lots of great office and desk toys that relieve stress and keep minds alert at work.

And if you thought that "Fidgets" were only for children and teens, think again!

 or Activity blanket is a lap quilt, mat or blanket that provides sensory and tactile stimulation for restless or fidgety hands of someone with Alzheimer's or related Dementias.

ideas and suggestions on how to make one of these touchy quilts.
Locally, you might find that your quilt shop has a Fidget group.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Summer Stitch Along!

I'm always happy to find a stitch along that gives me a reason
to enjoy the hot humid days of summer.

Bee In My Bonnet has the perfect solution!
I enjoy these patterns--And the best part--
there will be fabrics to go along with this.

Just take a look at this!  Now, why isn't this the greatest
sew along quilt!--Summer, here I come!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Wooool Work!

I'm ready!  our local quilt shop has wool--lots of wool and
even the floss colors needed for the May pattern.
I've signed up to do Rebekah L Smith's year long project.
This will be fun--something I've not done.

I know the colors are hard to see--and I'm not too sure I like the 
light wool, so I might add some color to it at a later date.

Okay, I looked at this for the longest time and decided I really
did NOT like that light green!  What to do?  Well, dye the wool,
of course!
There are no acid dyes in my pantry but I do have food coloring!
That works brilliantly on wool--just heat the wool in water with
small splash of vinegar, drop in a few drops of blue dye, simmer
and it's done--color has been added!

Now, look at this compared to the other piece--much better!
As the wool absorbs all the food coloring (dye), the water
runs clear--so much happier now!

This is a closed list on Facebook--but, you can go to her website
to purchase the pattern ($35) and then you'll be asked to
join Facebook page.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Weighted Blanket

I'm sorry I didn't find this video about weighted blankets during the month of April--as April is National Autism Month.  We have learned so much about autism in the past few years--Sesame Street has a new character that is Autistic, which will help youngsters in their daily lives.  How weighted blankets help  DIY Weighted Blanket

Monday, May 8, 2017

Sweet! Something For Mother!

Mother's Day is creeping up on me--no gift for mother yet!  Then this little stitching pattern caught my eye.

Lacey! Dainty!  Just Sweet!  I'm thinking that some vintage lace would
make a nice addition to a pillow case.  Mother could use something to
brighten her assisted living room.
Elefantz has the tutorial that makes it easy to stitch.  

Sunday, May 7, 2017

May Brings Challenges

May brings a challenge--

Luckily, I have the yarn for this project--
that doesn't happen too often either!

I bought this sock yarn several months ago--really liked the
look of the 'double dip' effect.
And this yarn has been in my stash forever!!

Here is the pattern--designed by Mary-Ann Lammers

It's a rocky start since the cotton is thick and thin,
but this one challenge that I can overcome!
Yesterday i  cast on and knitted several rows while
binge watching 'Supernatural'--still in the first
season--there is plenty to knit to! 

Saturday, May 6, 2017

It's Derby Time!

What an Adventure!  Derby time is the fastest 2 minute sport in history!  
The pom and circumstances for days before hand and then it's all over
and you wonder WHAT? happen!

We were at the Kentucky Derby several years ago--a bucket list ticked off!
we reserved our lodging months in advance; even planned our
dinner reservations then as well.

We attended the Oaks the day before the big day; We were ready for the BIG
day--sat through several smaller races and THEN, it was time

we had our big hats and
special dresses, guys in their cool shirts; 
we had seats right at the finish line--Whoa!  could't be any better than

And here they came to the finish line and
everyone stood up!  I couldn't see--
what horse came in first?  I missed it!

Oh, well! I was there!  I experienced the excitement of
the time!  Even if I didn't see the winner cross the finish line!

Here is the post for today's race--
have you picked your favorite?
We are headed to a Derby party and it's for sure
I'll see the finish at this one!

Good luck with your pick!!

Friday, May 5, 2017

Cinco de Mayo!

Let's Celebrate!!

Give me a Margarita-- 

Some Guacamole 

Fresh tortilla chips

and throw in some chile con queso


And We have a Party!